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Solutions > Voxcom MailSorting
Voxcom MailSorting
Voice solution for courier logistics

Voxcom MailSorting is a voice-enabled software application, suitable for mailing/courier services organizations. The application provides organization of letters/parcels in cells or slots for effective distribution of resources for performing the delivery.

Operation flow:

  • the operator wears a wireless BlueVQL headset connected to a PC running the MailSorting software

  • the operator reads keywords from recipient’s address: first name, last name, zip code, street name, etc.
  • in case of doubt, the system asks for additional details, e.g. street number
  • the system determines and says the number of the destination cell, where the parcel shall be placed
  • in addition, the system can fire a light indication, identifying the destination cell.

More information about voice enabled software solutions can be found here

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