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Voxcom Logistics
Voice solution for warehouse logistics

Voxcom Logistics is a suite of software modules dedicated to warehouse logistics activities. Voice interaction increases the productivity of the operator (warehouse worker) by letting him concentrate only on physical loading/unloading while receiving voice instructions for picking goods from warehouse locations.

The application also makes it possible to maintain detailed information about available products and their exact location in the warehouse facility – data entered vocally by the very operator while processing goods reception.

Voxcom Logistics can be integrated with various warehouse management systems and covers the following activities:

  • reception of goods – the operator, while unloading the goods, at the same time enters information about the quantity and exact location (shelf) of the received products and also verifies against the enclosed transport document (invoice, bill of lading, packing list)
  • picking of goods – the system guides the operator to prepare for loading a given quantity of a given product located at a given shelf in the warehouse and the operator confirms their actions by voice; no necessity for printing workorder lists; optimized travels between warehouse locations
  • inventory of warehouse availabilities – the system tells “how many” of “which product” is located in a certain shelf and the operator either confirms or makes corrections.

More information about voice enabled software solutions can be found here

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