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Solutions > Voxcom AutoDialer
Voxcom AutoDialer
Automated solution for telemarketing and outbound telephone campaigns

Voxcom AutoDialer is an automatic telephone dialing system, which saves up to 80% of the interviewer’s time for establishing connection with a respondent when performing outbound telephony campaigns for making surveys or telemarketing.

AutoDialer eases the interviewer’s job by performing bulk dialing of telephone numbers from a preliminarily defined list and involves the interviewer in the call after the connection with the respondent is established. To increase efficiency dialing can be performed in several concurrent flows.

For telemarketing campaigns AutoDialer can be configured to work in autonomous mode, i.e. play prerecorded messages when connection with respondent is established and connect an operator only if the respondent shows interest.

AutoDialer provides an application programming interface to make possible the integration with other software applications like CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) systems.

AutoDialer can be used in conjunction with an existing PBX or can be additionally configured to act as PBX.

Key features:

  • compatibility with the most common telecommunication standards: VoIP (SIP, H.323, Skype), ISDN, POTS, GSM
  • multiple simultaneously working operators
  • definition of destination telephone lists:
    • manually entered or imported from file
    • automatically generated following a certain pattern
  • definition of quotas by area codes (towns and villages)
  • detection of invalid number, answering or fax machine
  • ability to record the call or part of it
  • web-based user interface
  • report generation.


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