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Voxcom Logistics
Voice solution for warehouse logistics

Voxcom Logistics is a suite of software modules dedicated to warehouse logistics activities. Voice interaction increases the productivity of the operator (warehouse worker) by letting him concentrate only

on physical loading/unloading while receiving voice instructions for picking goods from warehouse...


Voxcom MailSorting
Voice solution for courier logistics

Voxcom MailSorting is a voice-enabled software application, suitable for mailing/courier services organizations. The application provides organization of letters/parcels in cells or slots for effective

distribution of resources for performing the delivery. Operation flow: the operator wears a wireless...


Voxcom AutoDialer
Automated solution for telemarketing and outbound telephone campaigns

Voxcom AutoDialer is an automatic telephone dialing system, which saves up to 80% of the interviewer’s time for establishing connection with a respondent when performing outbound telephony

campaigns for making surveys or telemarketing. AutoDialer eases the interviewer’s job by...


Voxcom SpeechIVR
Speech recognition in telephony IVR systems

SpeechIVR system is designed to meet special requirements for speech recognition functionality in IVR systems,enabling natural language spoken interaction between

user and IVR application. Based on an innovative and reliable speech recognition...


services  I  solutions  I  hardware  I  about us  I  contacts