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Voice Integration

Development and deployment of software applications, the users of which perform verbal communication with a computer or PDA using natural language voice commands. Voice interaction increases productivity of mobile users by providing hands and eyes free communication with the software application.

The innovative technologies VQL™ and VIVA™, developed by our partner Voice-Insight, makes possible to easily integrate with existing database systems, applicable within areas of warehouse logistics, courier/mail services, GPS navigation, quality control, etc. The usage of additional data capture devices like barcode and RFID readers and GPS receivers significantly enhances the functionality of the software solution.

To supply a complete solution, providing full worker mobility, along with the software solution we supply a set of hardware devices including the mobile PC BlueVQL SmartTalk and the wireless BlueVQL Headset.

Key features of supplied solutions:

  • hands and eyes free interaction
  • dynamic voice commands, unlimited vocabulary
  • no voice training required
  • noise and accent robust recognition
  • wide range of working parameters of the hardware (suitable for usage in refrigerated environments)
  • wireless headset ergonomics
  • high quality speech synthesis
  • simplified work flow
  • user dialogues, close to natural language
  • support of many languages
  • integration within existing database systems
  • compatibility with Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Vista (for PCs) and Windows CE, Windows Mobile (for PDAs).


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