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myFAX - network fax server

The myFax network fax server is an ideal solution for small to mid-sized businesses allowing network users to send and receive faxes from the desktop or browser.

All you need to setup is connect myFax to a telephone line and to the office network and receiving/sending faxes is easier than ever from any computer in the office and even outside.


  1. web user interface;
  2. automatic reception of incoming faxes;
  3. storage of received faxes in mailboxes on the server in PDF or TIFF format;
  4. receiving faxes by email (fax2email);
  5. sending faxes from the web interface;
  6. sending faxes via a virtual printer (print2fax);
  7. sending faxes by email (email2fax);
  8. automatic fax resend in case of failure (busy line or no answer);
  9. email notification of fax transmission completion;
    and many other.

For more information download the leaflet >>

services  I  solutions  I  hardware  I  about us  I  contacts